Sea glass and pottery artwork


  • Handmade in Waterford
  • Unique artwork

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    Each designs are original and 100% handmade.

    Every piece of sea glass in the pictures are authentic, time-tumbled in the Irish Sea and beyond. Each piece is handpicked from the beaches, cleaned and sorted by Sam from A touch of glass. Some pieces can be over 100 years old, every piece has it’s
    own story.


    A touch of glass

    Sam owner and founder of A touch of glass, handmade and unique pictures made from genuine Irish sea glass. She moved 4 years ago from UK with her familly. Whenever possible she spends her time with her husband combing the beautiful beaches of the sunny south east of Ireland searching for sea glass, driftwood, sea pottery and she uses them to create her original artwork.

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    Birds, Dog and balloons, Dogs, Garden, Heart, Jellyfish, Shamrock